IPPAN is a powerful Layer 1 blockchain that makes possible a range of new advanced token services dedicated to massive workload implementations


It is based on a Proof of Validation (PoV) where each prospective validator is included in a list and later they are raffled off according to an unpredictable calculation based on the HASH of the previous block.


The creation of new blocks is also confirmed and double-checked by other randomly designed validators according to a Byzantine Fault Tolerance Algorithm (BFTA).


The network automatically priorities and indexes all transactions according to their timestamps, which accelerates considerably the creation of new blocks.

Unlimited Capabilities

It can potentially manage an unlimited amount of Transactions per Second (TPS), being the only constraint the bandwidth available.


It is an energy efficient and sustainable L1 blockchain thanks to its innovative technology.

Absolute Time

The network is based on an internal absolute time that is the mean of all the time-data pooled up in the network.


Because of its innovative and sustainable technology, low transaction fees can be applied to incentive adoption among the public and its implementation in many sectors.


It is one of the first blockchain to apply Post-quantum cryptography.


It can host a variety of tokens, from wholly-backed fiat currency tokens (such as EUR, GBP, USD or BTC), to any kind of personalised tokens (time expiring, conditioned etc.) or NFTs etc.


The platform manages simultaneously multiple parallel blockchains that can interact with one another.

High Scalability & Updateability

it has been structured to safely hold increasing workloads and accept updates on the go.

High Implementability

Via API its Wallet can manage third parties tokens, including game platforms or social networks, to guarantee username identity and to manage social network rewards.

Wallet avalaible for Android


Download the Whitepaper, click here