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We have created a secure, fast and trusted environment to operate advanced tokens with massive workloads.

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Why choice IPPAN Blockchain?



It is based on a Proof of Validation (PoV) where each prospective validator is included in a list and later they are raffled off according to an unpredictable calculation based on the HASH of the previous block.



It is one of the first blockchain to apply Post-quantum cryptography. a revolutionary cryptographic approach designed to resist the attack of quantum computing, ensuring the security of your data and transactions.



It can host a variety of tokens, from wholly-backed fiat currency tokens (such as EUR, GBP, USD or BTC), to any kind of personalised tokens (time expiring, conditioned etc.) or NFTs etc.



Because of its innovative and sustainable technology, low transaction fees can be applied to incentive adoption among the public and its implementation in many sectors.



The creation of new blocks is also confirmed and double-checked by other randomly designed validators according to a Byzantine Fault Tolerance Algorithm (BFTA).


High Implementability

Via API its Wallet can manage third parties tokens, including game platforms or social networks, to guarantee username identity and to manage social network rewards.

Unleash the power of collaboration

Join our network, contribute and get the rewards. Be part of something bigger and unlock shared success.


Download and install the repositories

Once you have downloaded the repositories, you need to install them following the instructions provided.


Configure the nodes

You can find instructions on how to configure your nodes in the documentation for the blockchain network you want to validate.


Enjoy! Validate transactions

Verifying that the transactions comply with the rules of the blockchain network and start getting rewards.

Meet our partners and technologies used in this project, some of them here


“The success of life is the attainment of a noble purpose. Financial success is a means to that end, not an end in itself.”

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